Joe Dees appears to have a talent for writing song lyrics! lol

From: john grigg (
Date: Thu Apr 20 2000 - 15:14:06 MDT

Joe Dees wrote:
>In the Deep South it goes something like this...>> "Ah'm a Right-Wing
>Redneck, rude, crude, mean and loud> I worship Jerry, Pat and Rush, and of
>that fact I'm proud> I wanna keep my little woman by by side, yeah..> And
>when she's barefoot, pregnant and silent then Ah'm satisfied."

Mah baby fits me laka flesh tuxedoAn lak tuh sinker with mah pink
torpedoThen dress mah baby up and go downtownHang Baby off mah arm an' show
'er aroun'.Mah baby's with me 'cause she made tha gradeAh lak ta dress 'er
laka Frederick's maidThen watch 'er clean tha house an' sashay roun'An'
pinch 'er butt when she lays dinner down.Mah baby does me when Ah wanner
tuAn' anything Ah wants mah baby ta doShe does it pronto - not so much as uh
peepAn' keeps 'er trap shut when I goes ta sleep.Now you may say she's just
a fantasyBut lemme tell ya - Baby's real to meAm I alone? No, that's just
how it seemsShe's always with me in my porcine dreams.

Joe, did you really write these? If so you have real talent writing bawdy
lyrics. You should put them to music! You could have a real career in the
comedy category of country music!

I saw a skit on a comedy show where the actor, Randy Quaid was the host. In
the skit he played a very redneck country singer with song titles like "if
you don't like America, go straight to hell!" and "I love America, to hell
with all foreigners!" They mentioned the names of about twenty of his songs
and they all only slightly varied on this theme. As he sang the flag waved
in the background, of course. The skit skewered its subject pretty well.

best wishes,

John Grigg
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