transparent society fans take note

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Wed Apr 19 2000 - 23:25:54 MDT

As I mentioned before there is a new product available, a wireless
video camera for 80 bucks. I ordered one to find out a couple
things: how easily one could be hidden by a privacy invader, and
how to defeat them.

It would be [easy]^3 to hide one of these devices. It weighs
about 160 grams, without a power supply, so it would be
difficult to carry aloft with a small model airplane. An electric
RC would probably not be able to do it, altho a balloon assisted
lifting device might do it.

Nowthen, the weak point that I spotted right away is that it has
no feature analogous to an iris, so in order to not saturate outdoors
in daylight, they had to build it fairly light insensitive. So, altho one
of these could easily be hidden in a hotel room, turning down the
lights will render it harmless.

This address is where to order one. So, low light maintains our
privacy for the time being, but I suppose its only a matter of time
before a low light version of this device will forever change the
way we *feel* when we are in a hotel room for instance. spike

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