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Date: Wed Apr 19 2000 - 21:27:22 MDT

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>> > Mike Lorrey wrote:
>> > I consider the pledge of allegiance to be falsely directed. The pledge
>> > should be directed toward the Constitution...
>Roger that big time. Here in Taxifornia they make the kids recite
>an add-on jingle. I dont recall it exactly, but it is something like:
>I will give up put downs, seek out wise people, try to right
>wrongs, yakkity yak, bla bla, something something.
>Anyone know that jingle? spike
In the Deep South it goes something like this...

"Ah'm a Right-Wing Redneck, rude, crude, mean and loud
I worship Jerry, Pat and Rush, and of that fact I'm proud
I wanna keep my little woman by by side, yeah..
And when she's barefoot, pregnant and silent then Ah'm satisfied."

P. S.; Jerry refers to Falwell, Rush refers to Limbaugh, and Pat refers to both Buchanan and Robertson.

A Good Ole Suthrn Boah with a sense of irony.

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