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Date: Wed Apr 19 2000 - 09:53:31 MDT

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Zero Powers said:

"Murder is *already* a capital offense, even if you are wearing a cop
at the time you commit the murder. So I assume what you are suggesting is
some sort of summary execution which bypasses the jury trial process, right?

  That sounds like a really great plan. Oh, except for the minor detail
that *no one in their right mind would become a cop*. I'm amazed that they
can hire people as cops now to get paid marginally well to risk their lives
every working hour of the day. And now, in addition to getting reprimanded,

suspended, fired and sued for making an error, you think they should be
*killed* too? Yeah, sure I might take that job...if it paid $10 million a

Just had a meeting last Friday with the California Highway Patrol, Office of
Research and Planning (for work). And they told me one of their highest
priorities is Officer retention and recruiting. Cant hire enough of 'em and
cant get 'em to stay. BTW, their other hot issues were pursuit termintation
devices, traffic congestion (?? dont ask me) and handheld PDA's for
paperless tickets.
Zero is right on with his comments.


AL Villalobos

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