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Date: Wed Apr 19 2000 - 08:09:38 MDT

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> Hey all I'm interested in resurrection substances, things that prolong mean
> survival of tissues, especially brain, like hydergine etc.
> What substances can be safely consumed to maximum a saturation indefinitely,
> to minimize the effects of oxygen loss to the brain, reperfusion injury, and
> mitigate the chemical changes that occur in the moments after so called
> "death", to stretch the golden moments, preferably substances that are
> beneficial in other ways to the body ?

Something that nearly achieves your objectives is described in the
following paper:

Combination of low dose ethanol and caffeine protects brain from
damage produced by focal ischemia in rats, by R. Strong, J.C. Grotta
and J. Aronowski. Neuropharmacology 39 (2000) 515-522

This study studied the effects of the combination caffeine and
alcohol on brain damage in rats. They found that caffeine alone, when
given before ischemia, had no effect, and that alcohol alone actually
worsened the damage. But the combination, given orally a few hours
before the damage or injected within 120 minutes afterwards,
decreased the brain damage significantly! Unfortunately, chronic
daily caffine and ethanol consumption for a few weeks before the
experiment removed these effects, so Irish coffee should only be
drunk when you are close to ischemia in time. Hmm... almost sounds
like a nice sendoff ceremony for would-be cryonauts :-)

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