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Date: Tue Apr 18 2000 - 22:15:57 MDT

Nicholas Carmine Has agreed to take part in a case study to be conducted
on the Upgrade-Your-Life List <>.
Here's his original message to me (edited):

>Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2000 21:54:03 EDT
>Subject: I Have Signed One Person in the Last Three Years
>Sad to admit it, but I have only signed up one person in my entire MLM or
>any other money gifting venture. So I will have to ask for assistance. And
>it is not like I am a Blowit Case or anything like that, if you were to
tell me
>to join opt-in lists and list to FFA links, I will do it to the max. Just
>worked out for me yet. My wife thinks that I am insane to even try again,
>but Frederick, something inside me tells me that the key to financial
>independence is not with my job (Just Over Broke!) I know I am destined
>to make millions! I have requested many men and women to mentor me.
>I am a Kung-Fu student. I can imitate my teacher so well, I feel as if I am
>he -- but me. I know that I can apply the same techniques to becoming
>solvent. In the past three years, I have lost over $140,000.00 in you name
>it. I will not be denied.
>Thank you for your time. Let me know exactly what I am to do and believe
>me I will do it.

The case study will be conducted on the Upgrade-Your-Life List
<>. The purpose of the study
should probably be along the lines of subscribers (including myself) assisting
Nicholas to become more successful. Anyone else interested in elevating his
or her own level of prosperity is welcome to participate. Similarly, anyone
interested in providing assistance to others to raise their level of prosperity
(or interested in learning more about how to provide such assistance) is also
invited to join us. You can subscribe to the Upgrade-Your-Life List at
<> or by sending a blank
email to <>.

You're welcome to repost this message wherever appropriate.

Frederick Mann

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