Re: Didn't need no welfare state (Was: Re: news...)

Date: Tue Apr 18 2000 - 15:00:27 MDT


>Calling non-human humans who have
> demonstrated by deed as individuals that they do not regard other humans as
> worthy of living for no good reason (like those no good reasons stated
> is not evil, and is merely putting rabid dogs down.

A human is not a dog, no matter how evil. Nowhere in the world can a person
kill a dog, and be tried for murder.

I did not say that calling people animals is evil. Re-read my post. I said
calling them an animal *so you don't have to feel bad about killing him" is
falling into the same self deception as the murderer himself.
As you point out yourself: the phenomenon of Hitler:

"> Hitler loved to paint too. Would you have painted with him in prison had
> gotten our hands on him? I don't think so."

Yes sir, I would have it I was called to do so. If nothing else out of

>You work with children, the 'noble savages'. We are discussing adults, who
> supposedly 'know better'.

The children I work with are being tried as adults, and I am relatively
certain that a law and order type such as yourself is in favor of this. They
have killed or robbed in a violent fashion, are risks to society, and are up
for life or death penalties or whatever else anyone over 18 can get. Some are
as young as 15, some are already of age.

For the record I am not in favor of the death penalty for my own reasons,
even for Richard Ramirez, and though I wouldn't cry over him, and you cannot
sway my opinion by any argument, please don't try.

> Just because a creature is polite, engaging, and

Try 'con-artists' that's more accurate.
BUT - they are humans -- 'creature' implies animal, lizard, bird or fish.
For someone like Ted Bundy, 'monster' I might accept, since we mankind is the
origin of that concept.

Mostly what this constituency is, is inconceivably ignorant and Pavlovian.
They behave like dogs, but they are NOT dogs and can be talked to and
Depending on the early childhood damage done, rehabilitation is possible.

The prison system has no interest in this, due to the easiness of treating
them like "animals". Anything else takes effort.

I accuse you of the same laziness. It's EASY to say they aren't human, that
means you don't have to think about it too hard.

> gregarious when it is not on a vicious rampage does not make it human, you
> might
> say it is human, but not a civil or civilized human.

Yes, that is much more honest. If you choose to condone government executions
of badly civilized humans in retribution for evil deeds (or to prevent
further harm to others) so be it!! I may not agree with what you are doing
and you may feel regret -- or not -- but you are thinking clearly, and not
using a comforting self delusion for killing a human being.


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