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> I don't, however, feel cold hearted about execution. Anyone who has
> demonstrated no respect for their fellow man is no longer human.

You are joining in a self deception that is a dangerous argument; useful when
you are called upon to murder. When you enter into this terrain you join a
charade that has been in place for centuries. Calling humans non-human is a
convenient lie, a fairy tale in order to treat them inhumanly. Richard
Ramirez no doubt deserves, really deserves to be treated like animal. But it
is not because he really *is* an animal, it is because he is evil. We have
decided to treat him like one -- out of an abhorrence for what he does -- and
to guarantee our own safety.

He is in a cell alone, no bed, no furniture, only himself on the floor, in
his underwear. And there he shall stay until perhaps one day he is murdered
by us.

Not all murderers are inhuman. I know it. I work with them. We make art

When Gangbangers are killing people they do not think about them as human,
there's even a non-human term for the innocent bystander "mushrooms" --
because they "just pop up."

 One of the favorite things they draw are masks.

Why masks, I ask them?
Just like the Nazi doctors at Nuremberg, masks are donned, horrible things
are done, and they go back to being (rather sweet) humans. They still have
feelings, girlfriends and moms they love, and considerable talents and

This mask is a necessary part of doing evil. It is the same sort of trick
that 'deciding someone is no longer human." Self deception. Be careful, this
is the stuff religions are made of.

This line of thinking is that is how the Nazi's got people to slaughter those
Jewish "animals". Happens in war too.

Neurobiologists: what kind of humans were at Nuremberg when they executed
millions and went home to play beautiful piano concertos. Is this ability to
dehumanize others not a "part' of being human?

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