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> > You want to end welfare? OK, so do I. But you have to give people the
> > means with which to make their own way in the world. If I'm ignorant,
> poor, uneducated and unskilled and you kick me and my kids out into the streets
> tostarve,youhavede facto turned me into a criminal.I will rob everyone in
> > sight. I will soon be caught and put in jail then, guess what? Free room
> > and board on your dime again. Nice solution.
> True. Social services fill a need and are provided because most people can
> see the cause and effect of the spending vs. the state of affairs. This is
> the big dumb-dumb factor of Libertarian politics. It ignores causation. It
> asserts that "things will work themselves out" as soon as we stop
> interfering.
> Pound foolish, penny wise.
> Fact:
> A full-blown Harvard Education costs a fraction of what it costs to house a
> criminal from age fifteen for life. But some people don't want to pay a
> school tax to pay for
> K-12 education and God forbid one should provide childcare for a poor kid,
> they'd much rather wait and pay their tax bucks to punish him after he's
> killed a cop or a store clerk -- or perhaps their mom.

Taxing working families till they can't afford to send their kids to
state college, not even Harvard, in order to support career welfare
recipients only makes sure the kids of the working families are more
likely to be criminals too.

The average high school graduate in 1920 was more literate than the
typical college graduate today.

> Here's another political incongruity:
> Most people who are pro-life (antiabortion) are FOR the death penalty.

You only deserve to die if you've proven you are unfit to live. The
unborn haven't even been given the chance... a woman who aborts is
admitting either that she will be an unfit mother, or that she has so
little regard for the life of others. Either way, its a toss up. Do you
want to put a baby in the hands of someone like that? I don't, which is
why despite my misgivings about the morality of it, I think abortion is
the lesser of two evils. By aborting, shes making sure there are fewer
people like her (and the father) in the world. Abortion and execution: I
just call it evolution in action.

> ; - )
> I guess it's OK to kill children, as long as you wait until they grow up --
> unwanted and in poverty -- so they can kill someone else first!

Thats the heart of "innocent until proven guilty..."

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