Re: Mass Drivers and Cheap Space Access: Limits

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 21:49:22 MDT

> > Spike Jones: Im thinking we could immerse the astronauts for a half a minute
> > in water during launch, at which time they could take 40 g for 12 seconds...
> > The immersion technique would probably not be comfortable but
> > I think it would be survivable. spike
> Michael S. Lorrey wrote: A local company, Creare, is doing
> hyperoxidized fluid breathing system research (as seen in the movie _The
> Abyss_) for the Air Force. The difficulty with this technology is
> getting people to be at all useful once they've 'drowned'....

Ja but what I had in mind was not quite so dramatic actually.
I was thinking the astronaut would be immersed and would breathe
thru a scuba-like device until just before launch. The prebreathing
would include some hyperventilation so that with training she could
empty her lungs as much as possible and stay that way for about
30 seconds. Ive experimented with this so I know it can be done. spike

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