Re: Launch Rails...

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 19:49:12 MDT

Chuck Kuecker wrote:
> At 08:46 PM 4/17/00 -0400, you wrote:
> >heavy guage faraday cages built into the frame and body of the vehicle
> >should be sufficient to sheild the occupants. If you can sheild
> >microwave ovens....
> A Faraday cage is great against varying fields. but useless against static
> fields. Also, there would be the issue of circulating currents in the cage
> - if these are large they will cause heating and I^^2 * R losses.
> What is the rise time of the typical railgun? I am of the opinion it is not
> all that fast.

Actually, given the sort of accelerations we are talking about, they are
rather fast, and static fields are not harmful to human health. As the
previous poster said, the danger is EMPs = Electro Magnetic Pulses. By
definition, a pulse is a varying field.

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