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From: James Rogers (
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 15:06:17 MDT

On Mon, 17 Apr 2000, Zero Powers wrote:
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> >Let's start with how our victim became a "poor, uneducated, unconnected,
> >single welfare mom" in the first place. Give credit where credit is due.
> >The social bandaids are created by well-meaning socialists such as the
> >Democrats. Unfortunately, they are being used to cover up a sucking chest
> >wound largely created by the very same well-meaning socialists. One step
> >forward and two steps back.
> So what's the answer, peeling off the bandaid and tossing it aside?
> Granted, a bandaid on a gaping chest wound will not solve the problem. But
> will stepping over the patient and looking the other way do any better?

I think the hard part that a lot of people are unwilling to accept is that
there will be casualties. If you are serious about changing the system,
there *will* be a fraction of the population that won't make the cut for
social triage.

The situation is complicated in that the bandaid is often responsible
in part for the injury inflicted. What is the point of creating the
bandaid if one is still willing to inflict the injury in the first place?
Part of the problem is that this issue is often presented at as a "bandaid
or no bandaid" decision by politicians rather than a "prevention or cure"
issue, largely because politicians with bandaids are viewed as "solutions"
rather than as being part of the problem. Real solutions would require
tacit admissions by politicians and the government to a lot of things they
would rather not admit to. And being in positions of power, they don't,
which is why we have lots of bandaids and no real solutions.

-James Rogers

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