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From: Zero Powers (
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 18:48:23 MDT

>From: "John Marrek" <>
>I'm new to the list, which seems fascinating--but have a problem I was
>hoping someone might help with. To wit: Other lists I'm on all contain a
>"[listname]" in the subject box to enable subscribers to utilize email
>filtering options to automatically sort incoming posts and direct them to
>the appropriate folders.
>Because there's no such convention in use here, I wind up with scads of
>messages mixed in with personal and business correspondence and such in my
>inbox. I'm sure list veterans have found a way around this problem--and
>wonder if you might take a moment to clue me in?
>I have the ability to filter by words in subject box, by the from name, or
>by the from address. Short of entering every poster's name or address into
>my filters, the only way to filter would be by subject line, which (absent
>[listname] convention) is not possible because it varies and is unknowable
>in advance. How have others addressed this problem?

I addressed the problem by opening a new hotmail account just for this list.
  That way I know every message sent to this account is from the extropians.
  Believe me the list is active enough to warrant its own account. What the
heck, they give the accounts away for free, so you can have as many as you
are willing to remember passwords for.


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