Feeling the guilt so badly!!! (and I should too!)

From: john grigg (starman125@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 18:28:03 MDT

Hello everyone,

On the Cryonet Rudi Hoffman really got on the case of all those who are not
signed up for cryonics but post like they are(me??). I had to respond due
to all my guilt.

Come to think of it, I have yet to pay up and join the Extropian Institute!
I hope Max and Greg don't read this!

best regards,

John Grigg

Rudi Hoffman wrote:
Many people reading this posting this very moment, however, do not have
funding in place to make their suspension a reality. I am amazed at this.
Many people who post regularly here-- and are often even highly
opinionate--are "closet corpses" who in reality do not have solid funding in

Rudi, I am feeling so guilty!! I am one of those "closet corpses" who post

you continue:
Dave Pizer, (and I know that because you are fellow business man you already
know this), please know that many people may have an opinion about cryonics
and community, but on the part of many cryonicists there is an unfortunate
lack of "follow through" when it comes to actually putting even relatively
small amounts of money to make dreams reality. How do I know that there are
dilettantes and hypocrites (for lack of better word) who regularly post

Do you mean cryonicists putting forth money to fund research? Ranging from
those who are multi-millioniares to middle-class? Saints Saul Kent and Wil
Faloon being the notable and blessed exceptions?

you continue:
I know this because I have had the opportunity to correspond with quite a
few people who are regular contributors to this board. These hypocrites
have initiated correspondence with me regarding funding. BUT...THEY have
NEVER followed through, with me or other insurance vendors. I know this
through checking with Linda Chamberlain (Alcor) and Andy Zawacki (Cryonics

I am one of those people who have initiated contact with you regarding a
life insurance policy but NEVER followed through. I apologize.

you continue:
Since we are talking monthly commitments that may be only $18 or $50 or $150
dollars per month, it is highly unlikely that they have set $120,000 aside
to fund their suspensions.

Very, very unlikely!!

you continue:
I take my commitments seriously. Most of you do as well. I use my valuable
time, professionalism, toll free number, overnight mail costs, and the
tremendous effort it takes to get appropriate, detailed, and affordable
proposals to people who have inquired. All this is to make their dream of
biostasis (and potential immortality) a REALITY for individuals.

And I am usually rewarded with equal candor, reliability, and responsibility
by the responders. There are others who are attracted to cryonics, however,
who are ASTONISHINGLY unreliable, have NO sense of business realities, and
who will try to soak up your time like a sponge while they "hold court"
telling you how you should do things.

In helping me Rudi you employed your 800 number, acquired shipping and
postage costs, and used your valuable time to try to get me signed up at my
own request. And you were a friend who took the time to get to know me as
you did these things. I sincerely apologize.

you continue:
Dave, I know you are well aware of this "flake" syndrome.
By the way, my wife fondly refers to many cryonicists as "Frosted Flakes".
Some are flakier than others! :) Many reading this posting this very moment
consider themselves "cryonicists" but have done ZERO to establish their

I like the term your wife came up with. I remember reading posts by various
prominent cryonicists about how cryonics can attract the "socially
challenged" and this would make it harder to attract people with a higher
E.Q.! lol

I am a "Frosted Flake" of the extra flaky variety! lol I have done nearly
zero myself to establish funding for myself. Contacting you was the first
big step but I did not follow-up on it.

you continue:
If they live outside the United States this is understandable, as obtaining
life insurance for the purpose of cryonic suspension is EXTREMELY difficult
outside the United States. (I am the leading writer of cryostasis policies
in the world, and I do NOT have any carriers that will write outside of the
country. Although I am working on it diligently. Thanks for the continued
"Non United States" inquiries, but I cannot write you yet!)

I am very fortunate to be living in the United States and be able to take
advantage of what is here. Though living in Alaska puts me at the outer
boundary of things.

you end with:
The above "rant" is hereby concluded. :)

Thank goodness! I am feeling very guilty right now, but that is as it
should be. Rudi, I showed interest in what you offer as an insurance
professional and with the best of intentions but being a $$ poor student
without a solid job interfered with things. Still, I should have stayed in
touch and not let things slide as I did.

I am not done with college yet but I am working nearly full time now. So, I
can shortly reconnect with you and this time really get a life insurance
policy to achieve the main goal of a cryonics policy.

I feel like Cryonet is the equivalent of watching a PBS fundraising drive!!
As time goes by I get to feeling guiltier and guiltier, until I have to
donate some money! Actually, come to think of it, I feel guilty but never
donate any money at all!!!

As the old saying goes "I needed that!" Your words were a pail of ice cold
water splashed in my face that was for the best.

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned the big "thirty-three!"

best wishes,

John Grigg


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