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Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 18:09:22 MDT

> Forgive my ingnorance but I'm no us citizen, so I don't know how many
> alternative parties there are, although I know there is the independent
> party and the libertarian party, is there any party with interests similar
> to those of libertarians? maybe a coalition could be what is needed
> to give libertarianism a boost.

Alas, none anywhere close. Political parties in the US are very limited,
even if you include lots of small ones. "Independent" is not a party per
se, but rather a term meaning "not affiliated with a party", although
there is also a party named "American Independent".

The basic rundown is this:

  Democrats & Republicans: The existing power base
  Libertarian Party: Classical liberals: individualist, capitalist
  Reform Party: Doesn't stand for anything, but has money

    Those are the only ones on all ballots (just getting on
    the ballot is a major hurdle in a lot of states).
    Smaller parties include:

  Green Party: Pro-environment anti-technology anti-business
  American Independent/Populist: Isolationist, pro-Christian
  Natural Law Party: Front for TM gurus; liberal rhetoric
  Peace & Freedom/Socialist: Old-school socialists

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