Re: Harry Browne

From: Adrian Tymes (
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 17:51:20 MDT

Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:
> If you think it's that easy, do it. Nice of you to just cast aside an
> organization with thousands of members and 20 years experience. The party
> is not the incompetent little startup it was 20 years ago; it is now an
> experienced, capable, political machine fighting an uphill battle.

The Christian church has had a bit under 2000 years' experience, and
other religions have has similarly long experience, in defining reality
and moral law. Yet we gladly cast them all aside where we see that they
err, or where we discover better alternatives.

NASA has had 40+ years' experience in doing space missions. Yet the
debates on this list is that they are screwing up big time, and a few
suggest that NASA should be disbanded or privatized so that the
experienced instituation can get out of the way of those who might
actually do the job right.

Craftsmen for several millenia pounded out common implements by hand,
yet it might have been technically possible for a late-Roman-era
blacksmith to set up steam-powered sword manufacturing machines rather
than spending so much time in making each individual sword, if they had
thought of it. The laws of physics and economics were the same then as
they are now, even if not as well known.

The United States Postal Service has over a century of experience in
delivering letters and other physical goods. They are not most peoples'
first choice for a package delivery organization in the US today, losing
out to younger competitors like FedEx and UPS, though some people still
use them (especially for letters or PO box service).

Just because a person or a group has been doing something for a while
does not necessarily mean it knows how to do that thing effectively.
Besides, both the Democrats and the Republicans have more than 20 years'

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