Re: Is rational patriotism anti-extropian? I don't think so...

From: Octavio Rojas Diaz (
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 19:02:29 MDT

>But you have to start with a cosmopolitan, globalized ideology from the
>very beginning. Otherwise there is no alternative to the present order.
>The technologies you listed don't have to lead to the disappearance of
>nations at all! It depends on what ideas that drive the users.
>Cosmopolitanism is a state of mind, not something that is technologically

hmmm, what about opening the borders to free migration? that'll surely make
countries and
cultures more cosmopolitan, Europeans are starting to give us an example of
the benefits
of cosmopolitanism, and here in the Americas, interesting proposals are
starting to appear
the first decades of this new century will be really interesting

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