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Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 15:25:25 MDT

Alexander McLin wrote:

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> -HELLO!!! The reason I didn't "bother" to read the ballot is because I'm yet
> 18, and never had any reason to vote till now when I turn 18 this week. It
> never ceases to amazes me how people make unfounded assumptions about others
> online.

Nice try, Alexander, but unless the schools have seriously declined since I was
your age, you've probably had plenty of discussion and class time about the
electoral process, along with mock elections in class, etc. Now, you didn't
communicate to anyone here that you were not of voting age, which IMHO does not
excuse you from learning all you can about as many candidates as possible. If
you expected to be a voter as of this week and hadn't done any research in
advance, you think you should be a voter? Thats like expeciting to just go out
and drive without taking driver ed.
I knew who the candidates were from age 12 onwards, of course the school system
did exclude most all talk of the libertarians, which would be expected for those
with a vested interest in keeping public education going. My english teacher in
HS was also the local NEA, NOW, and vice chair of the Lebanon Democrats. She ran
the journalism class too, and really hated my politics. She couldn't fault my
performance though, as finance editor, I was the first student in 10 years to
turn a profit on the school paper...
The lesson is, don't make excuses, cause everybody has one...

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