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From: Ross A. Finlayson (
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 14:42:12 MDT

You might want to read Piers Anthony's "Bio of a Space Tyrant" (Hope Hubris), a
series of five books. In his Jovian setup, the sealed environments floated
somewhat deep in the atmosphere of Jupiter where the pressure was enough to
provide adequate lift.

I don't see why a vacuum would be bad except that it would keep imploding.
Barring that, that is, having supermaterials in a design that could support
that, its buoyancy would probably be pretty high.

The Jovian moons might be better for conventional settlements.

I am thinking there is not much oxygen in Jupiter's atmosphere or it would have
ignited already. There must be some water on Jupiter, unless there were enough
other chemicals that are more inducive to reacting with oxygen..

If a very large heat-producing reaction caused self-sustaining fusion of Jovian
hydrogen, then that planet might explode. wrote:

> I've been thinking about blimps.
> Consider Jupiter....a gas if for some reason we wanted to float
> a "city" in jupiter's atmosphere....(or saturn's or uranus or neptune's)
> which have an atmosphere of (mostly) hydrogen......what would be used?
> Hot hydrogen or a vacumn?
> Evmick
> Effingham Illinois

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