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From: john grigg (
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 13:16:51 MDT

Damien so giftedly penned the words:
Then he saw himself clearly, abandoning embarrassment, forgetting
pettiness, seeing as well, before him, in the figure of his wife, the
mechanism which had written those sweet, those savage letters.

The 'bot he had never known! And somehow he sensed deep within his most
hard-wired circuits that Sallywas seeing him in the same perspective, seeing
him as her shining servomech, that passionate machine which until now had
always been afraid to speak its wonder and joy. With darkly brooding
sensuality, Bruce Diode rolled across the floor to his wife.

Yes, and Sally looked back at him and saw a little funny machine like a
Singer Sewer, and she forgave him the endless irritations, the selfishness,
the private detective paperbacks, the humorless pedestrian dreariness of
him, for he was, after all, and at last, her great and shining hero.

Ahhhhh, such a sweet story. You are a romantic underneath it all. :) I
could see you writing for "True Romance Stories" when they are purchased by
"Amazing" and given a science fiction overlay to the romantic themes! Ever
see the film _Heartbeeps_? It reminded me alot of the world you created

best wishes,

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