Re: new human longevity record?

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 09:55:32 MDT

> > Wouldn't it be great if Alcor could be convinced to give this lady
> > the deep Afreeze treatment gratis?
> Heres a thought: since Alcor is a business and it is responsible
> for a number of corpsicles which will fatally melt should Alcor
> go bankrupt for any reason, then any action on the part of Alcor
> that would not be in its own best financial interest is unethical!
> Including giving away its own services to those who everyone
> agrees richly deserves them. Right? spike

Two arguments to that: (1) Giving things away is not necessarily
a financial negative in the long run. Good PR generates real income.
The billions of dollars for-profit companies give to charities every
year is not altruism--it's just good business. (2) The entity in
charge of the corpsicles isn't the same Alcor company with whom you
contract to perform the suspension, but is the Alcor Patient Care
Trust, a financially independent trust set up for the purpose.

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