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From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Sun Apr 16 2000 - 22:36:52 MDT

Greg Kelso wrote:
> Press release
> Friday, April 7th 2000
> RAEL, leader of the Raelian Religion, is enthusiastic about the changes
> taking place in England, which will amend its law in order to allow human
> cloning for therapeutic purposes. Via the culture of "stem cells", this
> procedure will make it possible to take cells from a patient and clone them
> until one obtains organs for transplants, the shortage of which is tragic
> for millions of patients. These transplants will furthermore be without any
> rejection.
> RAEL created CLONAID, the first company to be studying the possibilities of
> human cloning for the purpose of scientifically achieving eternal life (see
> RAEL also finds it inadmissible that the Catholic Church be opposed to human
> cloning, and this for two reasons: - First, just as there must be a
> separation between Church and State, there must also be a separation between
> Church and Science. Priests who are ignorant in scientific matters cannot
> issue opinions about medical fact. In the past, Churches had already
> opposed vaccines, drugs against AIDS, and even antibiotics, saying that if
> somebody was sick he shouldn't be treated, for it was "the will of god"
> (sic). - The second reason is that Jesus having died and been resurrected
> by cloning, the example has been given by the founder of Christianity
> himself.
> For more information see the website:

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