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Date: Sun Apr 16 2000 - 22:34:52 MDT

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> > UGh, why on earth (or off it) would you want to live on Jupiter. Even
> > floating, you'd still have huge gravitational forces.
> >
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>I dunno...lots of room maybe?
>From the (speculative) stories I've seems that Jupiter might just
>have an "earthlike habit zone"...somewhere way up in the clouds...temp and
>pressure wise.

But presumably your ship would be pressurized (not to mention equipped with
central heating and air conditioning), no? So what's the benefit of hanging
around Jupiter?

If you're talking EVA potential, you'd still need a pressure suit (not to
mention something to keep you from falling out of the sky like a brick at
the altitudes you're talking about), so that "earthlike habit zone" ain't
gonna be doing you much good.

Although I hear the view of Io is pretty good from there. But that's not
reason enough for me to want to call Jupiter home. You know, "nice place to
visit and all, but..."


"I like dreams of the future better than the history of the past"
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