Re: Nanotech Restrictions (differences with haves andhave-notsin2050)

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Sun Apr 16 2000 - 20:21:21 MDT wrote:
> In a message dated 4/11/00 10:26:10 PM Central Daylight Time,
> writes:
> > like females being able to find
> > objects ranging from ketchup to complete four-course meals in
> > exhaustively male-searched refrigerators.
> I knew a gal like that once...
> I had a refrigerator like that once too...

I've never had trouble finding the ketchup. Thats one of the five food
groups, don'cha' a crackhound, er, bloodhound on the scent,
ketchup is the raison d'etre for hamburgers, french fries (chips to you
brits), scrambled eggs and omlettes, hash browns, hot dogs, phillysteak
sandwiches, as well as, roast beef sandwiches...

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