Mass Drivers and Where do cool people go?

From: Robert Bradbury (
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 01:06:22 MDT

According to the Tech. Review article (June 1977),
  "A working model of this device (a coaxial mass driver) is
  currently under construction at M.I.T. by the author,
  Dr. Gerard K. O'Neill and M.I.T. students Eric Drexler,
  Kevin Fine, Jonah Garbus, William Snow and William Wheaton."

I believe some of them are in the pictures at this URL:
under the mass driver discussions.

Now, I believe that Dr. O'Neill and Jonah Garbus are deceased.
And we all know where Eric Drexler is. Where oh where did
the other folks go?

And for those of you who are really hot on the Cheap Access
to Space race, there is The MIT Rocket Team:

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