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Date: Sun Apr 16 2000 - 10:28:32 MDT

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> >About smart guns.
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> >Let me say something happening in Italy.
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> >We have very very restrictive laws about guns.
> Yes, but luckily Italians don't comply to the laws. If they did Italy would
> be a dictatorship;-)
> OK, this is the eternal gun discussion on the extropy- list, but I think it
> poses important questions about the civil society (outside the state). In
> northen Italy it has worked quite well, building up good institutions-
> that's why northen Italy has been so successful (Lombardy is the richest
> part of Europe), but in southern Italy it hasn't, it produced the Mafia, the
> Camorra, and the N'drangheta.
> How can a good civil society be made by the people?

A good civil society occurs when the rights of all individuals are
respected, when the state is, and acts, subservient to the people, and
does not treat the minority with contempt or abuse. When people are
allowed to conduct their daily lives without having to fill out at least
one form in triplicate. Paperwork is as enslaving as a ball and chain.

A society that requires that the common citizen obtain permits to
exercise their rights is not a civil socity.

> >We have, also, the first patented electronic smart gun device
> >(about 1950!).
> >
> >But hundreds of Albanians (and some other east people) invade
> >our country, daily, from Adriatic sea.
> >
> >We can not stop them, peacefully.
> >
> >And they are carrying kalashnikovs guns, bombs, etc.
> Unfortunately, Italy isn't a very generous country when it comes to letting
> fugitives in, so the enter illegaly. That only benefits the Mafia, open up
> the country, as Italy has been in the past.

Yes, opening the society, eliminating restrictions and permits on law
abiding citizens, and dealing with criminals as criminals and law
abiding citizens as just that, instead of as criminals as well, is the
road to peace and prosperity.

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