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Date: Sun Apr 16 2000 - 06:47:39 MDT

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> On the other hand, criminal behavior does have an additional unique cost,
> which is that it cuts one off from normal uncensored interaction with other
> conscious beings. One has to constantly monitor the image one is
> projecting, to make it correspond to something different from the real you,
> or face the consequences of being found out as a criminal. This has a
> disasterous effect upon certain fundamental psychological and
> psychoepistemological needs. After all, what do people put more effort into
> typically than their love lives? For what are they more willing to take
> major risks - or even sacrifice their own lives - than for their loved ones?

This is what keeps middle class people so effectively in line. Criminal type
actions will not only alienate their wives and girlfriends. But also their
family, neighbors, and friends. But this is not the case in the 'hood'. Bad
guys in the hood have mothers who shriek "My baby! My baby!" when the court
punishes them form multiple murders. And the worst gang banger always seems to
have at least one girl friend!

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