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Date: Sat Apr 15 2000 - 22:47:01 MDT

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>Transparency Debate: test case!)
>Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2000 10:55:35 EDT
>In a message dated 4/6/00 12:24:23 AM Central Daylight Time,
> > Easy question, now consider we are
> > about to see the next round with the wearable computers. It
> > is 1980 all over again. Then it was the new desktop computers.
> > Now it is the palm pilots and their logical descendants the
> > wearables. Getting these gadgets and learning to use them
> > will divide the haves from the have nots even more than now.
> > Right? You and I are cool with that because we are the techies.
> > I hope one of our sociologist gurus will speculate on where it
> > all leads.
>I'm no "sociological guru", but I sure love to speculate :-) In the short-
>and intermediate-term, wearables with really good real-time
>reality-augmentation agents could give their users a huge advantage in all
>sorts of human activities. They could also cause a kind of mental fatigue
>for their users the like of which we've never seen before in human
>experience. Feel flooded with information and overwhelmed with the need to
>"keep up" with all the channels of communication you have available to you
>now? Just wait for the era of true ubiquitous telecommunications.
>I wonder whether the ealiest adopters of really capable wearables might not
>experience a massive surge in competitive advantage simply because it will
>take some time to work out the best balance of info-flow and basic monkey
>ability to deal with the dataflood that will be available. Perhaps by the
>time the early adopters work out just what a workable interface is like,
>price will be so low that a mass market will be able to afford them - sort
>like what happened with PCs and the web.
> Greg Burch <>----<>

Or maybe, when you upload, you E-clone yourself into a new Microsoft, with
special privileges for the original, such as allocating personal storage or
access. Then you let the "grunt" copies do all the work for you, without
ever clueing them into the big picture. After they've sweated and agonized
over the mundane myriad details until they come up with resolutions or
answers, then you reincorporte them into your mind, like an E-God absorbing
the souls of the ones who deserve redemption.... ;)
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