Re: Is rational patriotism anti-extropian? I don't think so...

From: Octavio Rojas Diaz (
Date: Sat Apr 15 2000 - 21:29:55 MDT

>Excellent post Octavio. If more people like yourself stood up for good
>government and an open economy, I don't think it will be long until
>Mexico is on a political and economic par with the US and Canada.

Yup, and well you should see how good has been the advancement of information
technologies for us, I think we are really starting to catch up with the
usa and europe
right now I'm working in a place that is developing a secret project,
unfortunately I
can't say what it is, however top hackers from the usa have visited us,
trained us
and left marveled about all the things we are doing here, not only that,
the wages
treatment and facilities we have are on par with industrialized countries,
so guys
stay tuned because this is gonna be big.

And I think that the emergence of projects like this will set up quite a
stir in our country
I think that we have a pretty good chance of catching up in almost no time
with the newer

>Its rather entertaining to see the liberals up here squirm at the
>thought of opening up the border with Mexico and treating your country
>as an equal economic partner. The unions scream about NAFTA, yet they
>have done nothing to try to expand their unionizing south of the border.
>If they really cared about labor standards and employment practices
>they'd be down there backing demonstrations and reforms left and right.
>If the ecological groups were really interested in the enviornment down
>there, they'd be funding Mexican environmental groups and buying media
>time there to raise awareness. Its rather interesting to see these
>groups who claim to be progressive actually making excuses why things
>can't be done rather than how they should be done....

I know, there are several things I've never understood about those groups as
I've never understood drug war zealots.

There is something that makes me wonder
if our goverments conspire together several times, why I think this? just look
at peru, they said in washington they wouldn't recognize fujimori electoral
if they didn't have elections again, however nobody has ever talked in the
us how
helpful it would be for both countries if we had a true democracy and
respect for
the citizens, however both goverments cover each other's back so issues
like these
are taboo, this is very similar to me to the way our goverment lies to us
saying that
pemex is of everybody and it would never be privatized because that would
we are selling the country to foreigners, however what they don't say is
that the
oil of our country isn't ours, it's the goverment's and how would the
privatization of our
oil industry would reduce, it's inefficience, it would improve it's
technology and it could make us
an even major player in the oil industry, that without mention that stock
options would
mean every employee really owns a part of the company meaning that now oil
be truly owned by mexicans and not a single corrupt party that has been the
of our country since 1929, however with an opposition party having a really
good chance of
winning, it'll be very interesting to see how would the things change once
we achieve true
democracy, and trust me the day that happens things will start to change
not here, but
in the usa as well.

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