Re: Art&Science

Date: Sat Apr 15 2000 - 16:26:05 MDT

Can I add something to my original question?

I think that (real, true) works of art (paintings, sculptures, etc.) last
for ever and ever. Meaningful. Timeless.

That is, in my opinion, a sort of supreme, old, extropy.

As a qualitative (but not merely subjective) information the work of
art travels, in time, interacting with people, preserving the secret,
the magic meaning.

What is not a work of art has (just) a temporary appeal, beauty,
interest, meaning. Or is handicraft….

Laws, principles of science are timeless, meaningful, for ever?
After Popper (and Einstein, etc.) I’m not sure.

And theorems? Mathematics?
Yes, if we believe in Plato (numbers are real and timeless, in

But scientific information is not, usually, a qualitative information.
(Yes ...Thom’s theory, Fractals theory, etc., are semi-qualitative!).

So art is timeless (lasts for ever) because is qualitative, but not
merely subjective.

Science laws are quantitative, objective, but not final.

And – interesting enough - in art and in science we can often
identify exactly the same philosophical “input”.

In example: Herbart’s and Mach’s relativism > Einstein’s (and
Poincare) relativity theory > Picasso’s (and Braque) cubism
(superposition of images of the same object, seen from different
…) > Quantum Mechanics (superposition of states, subject-object
not commutative relations, theory of measurement, paradoxes,
etc.) > and so on.

Am I right ?

Rome (Italy)

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