RE: This week's fun papers

From: xllb (
Date: Sat Apr 15 2000 - 15:00:48 MDT

Thank you for the links and reviews.

I'm having great fun, mentally masticating the "Superior Createe" concept.
Am I wrong or doesn't it follow evolution's course? If we can create
entities that are greater than ourselves, is it reasonable to imagine that
this ability is "omniversly" unique to us?


>Anders Sandberg
>Kevin Kelly, Nerd Theology, in Technology in Society 21 (1999)

>Points out that the term god has acquired new meanings in the computer
>world different from traditional theology. Instead of being a term for
>supreme being, it denotes a creator entity of a system, something that
>creates something else out of a state of nothingness. Kelly also
>points out (as does several of the other papers in this issue) that
>"'God created man in His own image' is a recursive statement" (from
>Sussman's Ph.D. thesis) and that there can be chains of entities
>creating other entities - and that later entities doesn't have to be
>inferior to their creators.

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