Date: Sat Apr 15 2000 - 11:32:55 MDT

As somebody (Robert) has already pointed out, in Italy we have (at
least) one transhuman being: Roberto Benigni, the actor.
I'll make some effort to bring him into this community.

But we also had some other transhuman.

I.e. Ettore Majorana (the famous physicist) who discovered many
quantum properties, well before Heisenberg, and the massive
neutrino too, and then ... vanished (in the sea?).

I.e. the "Capestrano warrior" (in Chieti, Abruzzo). A very very old and
strange sculpture. I'll find some picture to show, next time.

I have read, somewhere, that U.S. Gov. (or the F&D Adm. ? Or
some Trade Org. ?) allowed the "Mortadella di Bologna" to enter in
the U.S.

In my opinion the Mortadella (the real one) is a thanshuman food.

Let me point out that in Italy we have many thanshuman foods, (I
suppose) still not allowed in U.S. : the Salama da Sugo, the
Cotechino, the Zampone, the Ciauscolo, the Colonnata lard, the
Felino Salami, the Varzi Salami, the Finocchiona, the Campotosto
Mortadellina, the Lonza, the Coppa, the Bresaola, the Priest's Hat;
the Schiacciata Romana, etc. etc.

(Echelon: heard all that?)

Rome (Italy)



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