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> << b) since lucifer means 'bringer of light' who gave knowledge to man, its an
> emminently logical name for a server. That fundamentalists are against giving
> knowledge to man is the irony... >>
> I swore I was going to lurk all the way through this thread and not get
> involved. But you finally tempted me out of the bushes. :-)
> My understanding is that the word Lucifer appears at only one place in
> the Bible. That every Bible scholar knows that the word is really the name
> of a middle eastern bad guy ruler of long ago. But, yes, zealots still
> believe the reference is to the Devil and tend to go charging off in the
> wrong direction at the sound of the word Lucifer.

Most of the 'demons' or 'devils' mentioned in the Bible were actually the names of
rulers, just as many middle ages and renaissance writers were wont to do of their
hated rulers...However it was my understanding that that is actually what the
rulers name, Lucifer, meant.

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