Re: art&science

Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 08:36:23 MDT

Guy from Italy:

> >In art there's not a common language, world, meaning, aim,
> >object, etc.
> >Am I wrong?

Natasha from Extropic Art:

> Yes. The arts acts as an umbrella for many modes of art and each of these
> has many different subsets. Within the modes and the subsets there must be
> a common language or the artists would not be able to communicate. (snip)
they work together and
> share a common vocabulary.
So this vocabulary is a *learned* vocabulary. Learned when one works in that
mode or carefully examines art's inner working, I see.

I would posit that many are not aware of said vocabulary, nor take the time
to research it. If I had never read anything on science and did not know that
vocabulary I might be prone to assert that it's vocabulary did not exist?

Kind of like how religions viewed science at first...

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