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From: Clint Walker (
Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 08:02:14 MDT


Question. -Re: UUEncoding

Have you ever noticed, that when you UUENCODE a file, it will start with the
"Begin 666" ?

I love showing this to particularly religious people and watching their
reaction. I checked through a couple of RFC's files, but I can't find the
technical history / reasons behind this.
I feel I owe them an explanation in exchange for my fun.

And besides, all it takes is one religious zealot
to transfer this type of info in a manner appropriate to his objective - and
you've got a new force to deal with - i.e. Religiously Inspired Luddites.

Anyone to venture a guess/explanation?

Why would someone call a webserver Lucifer anyway?
Is it really such a good idea to name servers like this - Especially if that
server is going to host a website/mailing list that represents concepts such as
from restrictive behaviour brought about by religeous upbringing/"programming"

In the end a name is just a name.

Many thanks in Advance

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