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Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 07:48:24 MDT

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> Zero Powers wrote:
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> > >Literally by your intepretation, yes, however the US has never brought
> > >an anti-trust suit against a foreign company.
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> > Wrong again. The US sues foreign companies *all the time* under the Sherman
> > Act. The first time it was done successfully was way back in 1945 in the
> > case of US v. Alcoa (148 F.2d 416). Alcoa was a Canadian corporation which
> > was sued for acts committed *entirely* outside the borders of the US. As
> > long as your business has a sufficient impact on trade in the US, it simply
> > doesn't matter where you are based or where you do business. There is
> > really no dispute about it.
> Alcoa: ALuminum COmpany of America..... hardly Canadian.

Morover, ALCOA (Aluminum Company of America) was sued because it had obtained a
total lock on all aluminum mines in Canada of any consequence. As that was the
only supplier of a strategic resource metal to our refineries on the Columbia
River, and its primary customer was the US Gov't, it was obviously a quite
different situation. Since that was 1945, you might remember that we happened to
be at war at the time, and aluminum was necessary for airplane manufacturing.
ALCOA executives were also convicted of war profiteering....

Mike Lorrey

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