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Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 04:59:00 MDT

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At 07:01 PM 4/7/00 , you wrote:

>Microsoft dominates the i86 operating system market. Microsoft
>dominates the Windows office suite market. Microsoft dominates the
>Windows development tool market. I don't know the break down on web
>browsers, last time I looked it was somewhere around 50% - though I
>think it's clear at this point to most observers that Netscape is on
>the way out. I don't know what the situation for databases and
>server products either - mail servers, etc. - but they're a significant
>player in those areas too. I don't think you can seriously believe
>that they've accomplished this success based solely on the technical
>merits of their products.

Oh really? Then would you care to explain how Microsoft managed to achieve
an even larger share of the office suite market on the MacOS than on its
own OS?

I'd have to dig out the authors and their book, but at a Cato/Forbes ASAP
conference, I saw it convincingly demonstrated that Microsoft's success in
each area of software directly correlated with the comparative quality of
their products according to computer magazine reviews. (For instance,
Internet Explorer only really started to catch up with Netscape Navigator
after a few versions when the reviews changed to say IE was as good as or
better than Navigator.)

Aside from this comment, I'll leave the argument in the very capable hands
of Billy Brown.

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