Re: BOOKS: "The Millionare Next Door"

Date: Tue Apr 11 2000 - 21:18:11 MDT

John Grigg,
You wrote: enjoyed the three goals given for every extropian. I would add
one more.
4. Sharing extropian memes with others in a positive way.

and later added:I wish we did have one or several wealthy patrons here who
could help move things forward in areas like Eliezer's singularity project.
Perhaps, some of the very people on this list will in time achieve great
financial success.

John, first thank you for the compliment I didn't copy. If you accept the
eminent appearance of techniques of major live extension, and assume that we
are dealing with the cognitive elite of the Bell Curve then wealth is simply
a matter of learning how and having the time to accomplish the goal. If we
have wealth and time then all the other goals fall into place eventually (in
twenty or thirty years) or at least for the most part.
    My sense of our situation is that most of our goals are going forward and
we really don't need a rich patron to get where we want to go.

Ron Harrison.

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