A timeline from Dave Pizer on the development of the resort and enclave

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Hello everyone,

What is in these posts is very exciting, in that they give detailed plans on
the timeline and goals of David Pizer, regarding the development of his
resort and cryonics enclave. He further shares his vision for the place(I
want to eat at the restaurant he envisions, and so would you!) and tells who
will take control after he is suspended. Perhaps, the Extro in 2005 could
be held there!


John Grigg

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To Dave Pizer:


>So does this property you've bought lie anywhere close to a FREQUENT >bus

This area is on the route of what are called "Stage" lines. These are 12 to
15 passenger vans that make a trip between Phoenix and Prescott and several
stops in between several times a day and there are a couple of different
companies doing this.

For us to have them stop every day we would have to establish that we
almost always had 1 or more passengers per day. We won't have this at
first. So at the early part of this we would not be on their regular line as
a regular stop. But you still could get service by merely calling ahead. If
you wanted to go to Phoenix or Prescott you would probably have to call in
several hours before the stage left towards our area from its starting
point. On the trip back I think all you would have to do is be at the pick
up place in Phoenix.

They have several places they pick up at in Phoenix. Most *large* retirement
communities in Arizona have their own vans that take the residents where
ever they want to go. So after we get large enough we should have the same.
  But for the first years, you will have to
rely on the stage companies which are like mini bus lines.

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>From: Peter Christiansen revphc@earthlink.net
Subject: Heaven at last>
>To: Dave Pizer

>For centuries theologians have serched for heaven. It appears Dave >Pizer
>has found it at last and just an hour away from Phoenix.

Does this sound like heaven? Summer days long and warm with friendly cool
evenings. Advancing giant white soon-to-be-rain-clouds with dark silver
borders against a purple sky. Then, the sweet scent of the desert plants
after a cool summer rain.

If you get tired of looking at sturdy clumps of oaks and wild flowers along
the stream bank; or tired of watching the animals come to the stream for a
drink: desert chipmunks, bunnys, foxes, white tailed deer, antelope,
squirrels, humming birds in every color, the glimpse of an owl, and brightly
colored butterflies among the wildflowers, if you ever tire of this, then in
a half hour's drive you can be inside the largest Ponderosa Pine Forrest in
the world. Giant trees with cinnamon colored bark towering 150 feet into
the sky.

Pardon me for dwelling on the beauty of this place but it really is a
magnificent setting with the creek and multi-colored rock out-croppings and
all. And yet it borders the state highway.

Another kind of beauty should be built into the facility. The beauty of
safety. I would like to see those members who want it to be able to wear
some type of device that would monitor their vital signs and if they got
into trouble 24 hours a day, the device would signal the headquarters to
send help. I don't know how to do this, does anyone out there? Is the
technology available yet or soon?

I would also like to see a basic washout facility available to memebers of
any cryonics society. So if a resident went down unexpectly, they could be
washed out in a matter of minutes and waiting for their cryonics company to
do a perfusion. This will involve a good repore with the coroner's office
and perhaps some legal work. Arizona has laws that are favorable to
cryonics and we need to see how to use them best for our members.

One project I would like to see worked on is where a cryonics patients had
the legal right not to be subject to an autopsy. This might be something to
work on in the future after we have more voting members in that county. I
would like to see people with EMT certificates living there also.

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Subject: Other Possibilities
>Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2000 17:11:06 -0500

>"Excuse me. Could you tell me how to get to Platt Blvd?"

A place to recognize our heros - why not?

One of the things that Mike Perry wants to see, and I think the Venturist
Board will support this after we have the other necessities in place, is a
life-extension/cryonics museum. This would be a nice place to display
various items and remember people who have helped the movement along.

Mike wants to see a book publishing plant and a few other things first. I
want to see us putting out a very nice life extension magazine and doing
more work on the internet. All in good time.

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>Subject: the timeframe for developing the resort and cryonics community
>Date: Sun, 09 Apr 2000 16:31:49 PDT>


>I just wondered what the time frame is going to be for the full >completion
>of the resort and cryonics community? I realize it may >not be really
>possible to say. Perhaps, one year for the initial >stage of building the
>resort and perhaps five to ten for the full >completion of the resort and
>cryonics community? How many stages of >development at this point do you
>see, and over how long a period? >And if not confidential, what level of
>costs will this entail?

I don't mind discussing the financial aspects.
The land is paid for. I see, perhaps, 3 stages of construction?


The initial resort will be 10 small cabins along the creek and one lodge
building where the manager will live and the dining facilities (at first
just for people staying at the resort) will be. This will be enough to
generate profit above expenses.

I have owned 2 other similar resorts (but not near as beautiful) and know
where the break even points should be. This is a new type venture for this
area. Mayer has not had the upscale resorts like Sedona. I think there is
a need and the setting along the creek rivals Sedona in a smaller way. So
there will be some new things to learn, but 10 cabins will generate profit
above all expenses if there is no debt and there is not.

This first stage construction will cost between $500,000 and $800,000
depending on the site costs and what type of buildings we build. For the
resort we are leaning towards SanteFe with natural log porches. The cabins
would be Sante Fe with slight log treatments (like shaved pine porch poles
and overhead beams) inside as well as outside.

The reason the cost varies so much is because I don't know what the site
costs (sewer, roads, water well, underground pipes and utility lines) will
be. We may have to design and build (in the initial stage) an expensive
sewer plant capable to handle many more cabins and homes to be built in the
future. The larger sewer plant would eliminate having several smaller
septic treatment plants built at each stage of enlargement. Since there is
a creek running through the property the standards for the sewer plant will
be higher.

My guess is that we can get the first stage up and in operation for
$600,000 if all goes well.

We are now negotiating with officials for zoning approval and with an
engineer on a site plan. That site plan also deals with issues of zoning
and access to and from the state highway.

I hope to have a chunk of money (enough to pay for this first stage of
construction) in hand (from sale of another property) within 12 months from
now - or sooner, and by that time have the engineering, site plan and zoning
approved. (I have the money to pay for the site plan and the expenses of
the zoning approval while we are waiting for the other parcel to close). So
if all goes well, in 12 months we have all approvals and the site plan in
hand and the money comes in at about the same time.

Another 6 months after that and we should have stage 1 completed. Do you
want to make a reservation now :=)


The second stage will be to enlarge the resort. After a year or two of
operation with just 10 cabins, we will know what things to offer in the
second generation cabins and what is not needed. Are there requests for
larger cabins? Leave out the hot tubs and Fireplaces - and have lower

Do we need to offer horseback riding? Jeep tours (very popular in nearby
Sedona)? How about gold panning? Do we use thicker carpet and more
expensive furniture and charge a higer rate - or is a less expensive cabin
what the trade wants?

The second stage will also include a larger place to dine, perhaps food to
the public (people who are and are not staying at the resort), do we offer
beer and wine? Some guests will like that, some guests will quit staying if
we do - which way does the best on the bottom line?

The first stage dining will be in the lodge sort of a bed and breakfast,
lunch and dinner facility. Later we would like to have a public restaurant
with dining right on the creek. There used to be a place like this in
Sedona, and it was the most popular place in town until it burned down. At
night they had dinner served along the creek with special lights that
lighted up the creek in a special way. They put out feed and salt so the
animals would come to the creek and the customers just loved it.

Breakfast along the creek as sunrise was a special event.

The second stage will include addition to the lodge and another 10 or 15
cabins. The income from that will come from the sale of other property that
I have but have not offered for sale yet. I suspect the second stage will
be able to be constructed faster say 6 months from planning to finish. That
is because the site plan will not have to be all new, just modified and the
zoning will not be an issue.


The third stage will be the building more for the use of the cryonics
community. Free-standing houses and more moderate apartments. Spa. Pool?
Exercise room. Meeting rooms (which can also generate income from
non-cryonics companies that want to hold seminars for their executives
etc.). Offices for cryonics workers to post our message on the internet
and host other events. Do radio talk-shows and perhaps send members to do
tv talk shows. A printing company to produce a magazine and books.

By this time we will have a feel for what type of annual net income the
resort facility generates and I will have four separate ways (or
combinations) to raise the last needed money for the third stage of
construction: Sale of additional personal assets (which I will do if I then
choose to move there on a permanent basis; borrow on the resort; raise money
from the cryonics community in the form of investment or donations; or use
annual profits from the resort without borrowing (that would probably only
allow $200,000 to $400,000 a year for new construction - I want to go faster
than that).

I am also open to other suggestions.

I will control the resort until I go into the tank. The Board of Directors
for the Society for Venturism will control the cyronics community.

After such a time that everything is paid for, the cryonics community can
use some of the resort profits (and whatever other money we can generate) to
do charitable work: help underfunded people get suspended; enlighten the
world not to die.

All along during the construction from phase 1 on, the people in cryonics
can use the resort (before the cryonics community is built) for seminars,
meetings, generating publicity whatever helps. All ideas are appreciated.

Thanks for the interest. If you have any other questions I will be glad to
answer them.

Dave Pizer
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