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Date: Tue Apr 11 2000 - 20:18:06 MDT wrote:
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> Set aside Joy's disappointingly juvenile views on political economy (lifted
> straight out of Dickinson) and his muddled thinking about how some collective
> "we" chooses the shape of the world (ignoring Arrow's Theorem). Does he
> really think that "the whole economic system we have was designed"? It would
> be another--and accurate--thing to say that "the economic system arose from
> human action." But to call it "designed" suggests that Joy fails to
> appreciate how spontaneous orders result from human action but not human
> *design.* His oversight leaves me wondering if he really understands
> evolution at all.
> Can well-meaning gadflies do no better than Joy? What a shame; we would all
> benefit from better informed--or at least better articulated--criticisms of
> unbounded technological progress.

Bill Joy has become afflicted with that sickness previously constrained
to the Broadway/Hollywood actor/actress/musician: the delusion that
being a genius at one thing makes your opinion on anything else at all
important or more worthwhile than the average slob.

Mike Lorrey

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