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Date: Tue Apr 11 2000 - 18:53:14 MDT

Brian Williams wrote:
For anyone looking for something to read I would like to recommend: "The
Millionare Next Door" The suprising secrets of America's wealthy. ISBN
0-671-01520-6 Thomas J Stanley and William D Danko.

The same authors also have a new book, "The Millionare Mind". This is a
good answer to "If your so smart, why aren't you rich". Extropians should
be both."

Ron Harrison wrote:
You are so right. I had defined for myself that the goals of an
Extropian are:
1. Health and life extension.
2. Wealth
3. Knowledge

We seem to have a lot of information about the first goal becoming
available and being discussed to some extent on this list.

If a person really wants the 2nd goal they could make a good start by
reading THE MILLIONAIRE NEXT DOOR. A second step is to read the pages of
Motley Fool available online and in PB at your local bookstore. A third
step would be to calculate the consequences of investing $2,000 per year at
11% for a long term. The Motley Fool I believe advocates a lot of methods
for individuals that don't want to make investing a major undertaking.

I found these two posts very thought-provoking and exciting. I'm glad to
have you two gentlemen on board. I have wondered myself about "of you're so
smart, why aren't you rich?" Every other person on this list would be a
multi-millioniare if brains and education were the only key factors. lol

I have read portions of "The Millioniare Mind" and found it fascinating. I
am going to have to buy a copy and finish it. The book shared how many
rich, self-made parents want their kids to become professionals(doctors,
lawyers, dentists, etc.) and are willing to foot the bill for their
education, rather then have them take over the business or try to start
their own. This is because running a successful business can be so
difficult and the failure rate is so high.

I enjoyed the three goals given for every extropian. I would add one more.

4. Sharing extropian memes with others in a positive way.

I admit feeling frustration when a popular list thread is on what we would
do if we each had a billion dollars or even a few tens of million to invest
and donate! lol I wish we did have one or several wealthy patrons here who
could help move things forward in areas like Eliezer's singularity project.
Perhaps, some of the very people on this list will in time achieve great
financial success.

I would love to see a research project for total brain vitrification. This
has been estimated to be a ten year project in the ten million dollar range.
  For reversible suspension, add another zero! There are a few in the
cryonics community who could easily fund this but they choose not to.

As a place to gather, relax and network, the cryonics enclave should be
wonderful. It will be a place for cryonicists, extropians and
transhumanists in general to come and gain inspiration and knowledge in
areas such as life-extension and wealth building.


John Grigg
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