Smart Teachers

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Mon Apr 10 2000 - 21:42:40 MDT

> "Michael S. Lorrey"
> > Teachers are hardly low paid. The median teacher salary for a job that
> > only takes 3/4 of the year (and provides over a month of vacation during
> > the school year), is above $30,000, for an annualized salary of
> > $40,000.00. Not bad at all.
> Harvey Newstrom wrote:For a person with a Bachelor's degree, certification and
> a requirement to
> update their eduction every three years?... A job is low-pay when it
> can't compete with other industries seeking the same skills. Schools here
> get the worst students or the ones that are anti-money and take the low pay
> for altruistic reasons.

A big problem that is being seen here in the silly clone valley is that the
few workers we manage to pry away from the local hi-tech startups to
teach in the public schools often teach values which are grossly
inappropriate for the communities in which the students live.

For instance, the burger joints around here need to offer the
starting burger flippers 8 bucks an hour, which makes the
elementary school teacher less than twice minimum wage.
No surprise that there is a big debate now whether to spend a
month teaching the children what a great guy *Cesar Chavez* was.

Now, I have nothing against the organizer of farm workers, but
for CRYIN out loud, considering how many *critically important*
lessons in math, science and technology these kids will desperately
need in order to have a vague hope of ever affording a one bedroom
apartment in their own neighborhood, they have no time to be fooling
around learning about how people out in the central valley make a
living picking grapes. spike

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