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Date: Mon Apr 10 2000 - 10:09:01 MDT

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writes: "For anyone looking for something to read I would like to recommend:
"The Millionare Next Door" The suprising secrets of America's wealthy. ISBN
0-671-01520-6 Thomas J Stanley and William D Danko.
    The same authors also have a new book, "The Millionare Mind". This is a
good answer to "If your so smart, why aren't you rich". Extropians should be

    You are so right. I had defined for myself that the goals of an
Extropian are:
1. Health and life extension.
2. Wealth
3. Knowledge

    We seem to have a lot of information about the first goal becoming
available and being discussed to some extent on this list.
    If a person really wants the 2nd goal they could make a good start by
reading THE MILLIONAIRE NEXT DOOR. A second step is to read the pages of
Motley Fool available online and in PB at your local bookstore. A third step
would be to calculate the consequences of investing $2,000 per year at 11%
for a long term. The Motley Fool I believe advocates a lot of methods for
individuals that don't want to make investing a major undertaking.
Ron Harrison

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