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Date: Sun Apr 09 2000 - 23:39:15 MDT wrote:
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> << Believe it
> or not, the government of the United States of America urged the various
> companies
> that had been Standard Oil to "pool" some of the resources and cooperate
> among
> themselves more than they had in order to increase production and lower the
> price
> of oil.This is pitiful! I'm tempted to make some wise cracks at the
> government's
> expense but it almost seems in bad taste, sort of like making fun of a blind
> man.
> John K Clark
> >>
> Thank you, John,
> You have told us something that needs to be told over and over not only
> about the Standard Oil situation but about many others as well. I have
> lurked listening to this discussion and often wondered what would happen if
> Bill Gates moved his headquarters and his jobs out of the US and into anyone
> of a number of countries where he would be welcomed with open arms.
> I have often reflected also on what it is in the soul of a collectivist
> that so so hates the very guts of a capable individual. I have no answer but
> I agree that we should not too gleefully point out the foibles of the
> collectivist mind or make too fun of them regardless of how much they deserve
> it; it just "ain't" sporting.

There was a letter in this month's Freedom magazine from a person
speculating a whatif that Bill Gates would duplicate the feat of the
owner of the copper mines in Atlas Shrugged, who destroyed all of his
mines rather than let the government seize them. When I read this, I
wondered rather, if Gates one-upped John Galt and removed his company
from US territory, possibly buying some island somewhere and develop it
as a programmers paradise for his 10,000-20,000 employee/shareholders.

Unfortunately, Gates is heavily infected with the democrat meme, thanks
to his mother, and despite his best competetive abilities. I doubt that
the guy who gave $90,000 to a gun control lobbying group in Washington
State, and who appears at the White House to kiss up to slick willie so
soon after getting spanked by the S&M crew of Uncle Sugar, actually has
the cojones to pull of such a feat.

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