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Date: Sun Apr 09 2000 - 20:23:52 MDT

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> > Microvision's "augmented reality"
> > displays use a very low power laser
> > to "paint" a full-color high-resolution
> > image directly onto the retina of a
> > user's eye. The end result, according
> > to the company, is a virtual image of a computer screen that
> > appears to float several feet in front of you, and doesn't block
> > your vision.
> I get the impression that this hardware is currently available and is
> being sold by Xybernaut, although I'm not quite sure.

I (and my stock portfolio) wish (since I've got a little bit of Microvision).
 Microvision's alliance with Xybernaut's pretty new, and their display
technology is still probably at least 1 and probably more like 2 years away
from the level I think you're probably imagining. Right now beta units are
being used in various medical test programs as a heads-up display for
surgeons, and Microvision's deeply into the DOD's "glass cockpit" program. I
look for consumer-level devices with a bulk similar to a pair of eyeglasses
by no later than 2003.

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