Re: Increasing Human Rights

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Sun Apr 09 2000 - 14:30:46 MDT

Robert Bradbury wrote:
> had a pointer to this article:
> which is an effort by the EU to outlaw activities
> such as the current ECHELON related spying.
> IMO, this is great, get the EU to take the high ground
> on human rights and force the U.S. to play catch-up.
> I would urge those of you in a position to express support
> for these kinds of proposals to do so along those paths
> that are available to you.

They are barring all activities of this type by member states, and only
seek to negotiate with non-member states, like the US, to cease such
activities. IMHO, the EU actions against Echelon are merely at the
behest of France, which has been actively using its intelligence
apparatus for commercial espionage for years, doesn't like getting its
hands caught in the cookie jar, and can't imagine that their traditional
rivals, the Brits, would not use their own intelligence apparatus in a
similar manner.... They act like they are the Protector Generale of
human rights in public, but operate an almost mafia-like intelligence
operation. I lost a job once because of French Intelligence, they got
one of my old screeds against mass transit on this list, and the
software company I worked for here is owned by the French National
Railway. They were doing background checks on all american employees,
for no apparent purpose.

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