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> Overally, I think your model explains part of why we do not see hordes
> of well educated terrorists. But I still see enough engineers with
> good knowledge of engineering and an apalling lack of sociology to
> make me suspect there are other reasons too.

At a Foresight-sponsored meeting on security and safety issues last year, I
had occasion to speak at length with a very senior US defense establishment
figure about this question of why we haven't seen more technology-based
terrorist attacks against large population groups. Apparently, it is
considered somewhat of a mystery in these circles and various competing
theories have been offered to explain it (but it's universally recognized as
a fact: Biological and chemical technologies have existed for years with
which a "crazed terrorist group" could kill thousands to millions of people,
but this hasn't happened). The best-accepted theory is that any group well
enough organized and possessing the requisite technical skills is lead by
people who realize that such a move would be counterproductive to any goals
the group may have. This must be so, it is argued, despite the fact that the
skill and organization level to do such a thing is not THAT great.

I think studying this question in greater depth should be one of the highest
priorities for advocates of "GNR" technologies. I believe that an empirical
study should be undertaken in which members of likely groups that have been
captured and imprisoned should be interviewed about the subject.

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