Grappling with reality [was: Do you deserve to live?]

From: Robert Bradbury (
Date: Sun Apr 09 2000 - 11:11:52 MDT

List note -- I highly recomend that people read the Postrel article *and*
the articles by Ronald Bailey documenting current discussion on these
topics (see below).

The bioethicists arguments are weak, but the debate suggests that
individuals should read "False Hopes" and "Toward a More Natural Science"
to be prepared to deal with these arguments.

I'm personally unsure as to how any arguments can stand in the face of
implicitly arguing condemning billions of people to death.

Many thanks to mbaumeistr for pointing these articles out!

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> I am a newbie on this list and was planning to wait some weeks before
> posting, but this showed up in my "Today's Freedom News" and seemed apropos.
> =====> Do you deserve to live?
> Author: Virginia Postrel
> Country: United States
> An odd clique of "bioethicists" has taken to denouncing efforts to
> prolong human youthfulness and life. (4/6/00)
> URL:
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