Re: Nanotech Restrictions (was: RE: Transparency Debate)

From: Gina Miller (
Date: Sat Apr 08 2000 - 18:05:55 MDT

Last night, I was watching Nightline. The subject was the breaking news that
Janet Reno had approved Elian's return. She was a guest via satellite.
Locals from Miami were in attendance and were invited to speak up. A man
stood up, and made statements directed towards Reno, implying that she was
guilty of actions involved in Wacco that led to many deaths, and asked why
now, she should be given the authority over a sensitive case such as
Elian's. It was obvious that Dan Rather, was not fond of these comments,
turned off the guys mic, and assured Reno, that the rest of the people in
the audience supported her, and did not feel the same. (how does he know
that, I wondered?) I was some what appaled at the censorship interjected
into an apparent free speech environment. They did not allow the man to
continue, and Rather poked fun at his insitent questioning regarding Wacco.
Although the format was directed towards Elian, I see no reason why one can
not connect the dots and inquire as to his opinion.
Gina "Nanogirl" Miller

> > >From: "Michael S. Lorrey" <>>Subject: Re: Nanotech
> > >Restrictions (was: RE: Transparency Debate)
> > >Date: Fri, 07 Apr 2000 23:40:13 -0400
> > >I would cut the gordian knot by first granting citizenship to Elian and
> > >posthumously to his mother in honor of her sacrifice and Elian's
> suffering.
> > >I would then rule that primary custody still belongs with the father,
> > >that Elian should return to Cuba with the father, under the provision
> that
> > >the Cuban government accept that Elian is free to return to the US when
> he
> > >reaches the age of majority if he so wishes.
> I believe that the congress is planning to offer citizenship to Elian and
> his father. With full rights of being American citizens, does the father
> have the right to return back to Cuba with his son? The assumption always
> seems to be that nobody would want to go back if they didn't have to.
> if the father is given a full range of legal options, and still choses to
> take his family back to Cuba? Would that be acceptable to the people
> wanting to keep Elian here?
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