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I sure hope the folks at Alcor aren't perverts!

Frederick Mann

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>Subject: Another Reason I'm Going To Be Cremated!
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>Near-necrophilia alleged at local funeral home
>Employees of an Atlanta funeral home stand accused not only of sexual
>harassment of the living, but also of the dead. A lawsuit filed against H.M.
>Patterson & Son funeral homes alleges, in graphic detail, incidences of
>corpse-fondling and same-sex harassment at H.M Patterson & Son's Spring Hill
>location in Midtown. The suit was brought by four former employees who
>claimed that same-sex harassment at the business, owned by Service
>Corporation International, is rampant, and that displays of male
>homosexuality range from male employees aggressively grabbing other male
>employees' buttocks to making passes at the dead.
>Joel Barnes, one of the plaintiffs, told attorneys that embalmers and
>management would regularly "get together in the reposing room and look at and
>laugh at the bodies and body parts of the decedents. A great deal of derision
>and lewd comments were directed toward the bodies of male decedents."
>Barnes also alleges that an assistant general manager at H.M. Patterson &
>Son's Spring Hill location rubbed the crotch of the deceased minister of a
>prestigious Atlanta church saying, "I bet you've never been rubbed like this
>by a queen before." The incident, like most others described in court
>documents, is alleged to have happened in 1999.
>On one occasion, according to plaintiff Nic Steimle, a member of management
>said in the presence of a "deceased man who was lying on his back, that, 'We
>should just roll him over.' It was clear (that he) ... thought the deceased
>was sexually attractive and his comment was referring to turning over the
>deceased for sexual purposes."
>The lawsuit was filed last September in Fulton County Superior Court. The
>Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported the lawsuit March 4, 2000 but did not
>name H.M. Patterson & Son, referring instead to its parent company SCI. H.M.
>Patterson & Son is one of the largest and most prominent funeral homes in
>Atlanta and a frequent AJC advertising client.
>The defendants deny the allegations. Stephen Ellingsons, an attorney for H.M
>Patterson & Son and its parent company SCI, says only "It is not our policy
>to comment on on-going litigation."
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